You Can’t Put a Price on Safety: The Importance of Pet Products and Accidents

At Pet Piaza, we've seen a lot of accidents happen to our customers' animals over the years. As pet owners ourselves, we know that safety should always come first. But that's not always the case. So many of our customers, when faced with a big purchase, find themselves asking "Do I really have to spend my money on this?"

Take Elanor, for example. A scrappy bunch, Elanor had been coming to our store for years to pick up a bag of treats or some bird seed. Somehow, they'd never thought about getting a safety gate for kitten Luna. That is, until Luna snuck through a window in Elanor's third-floor apartment and perched itself atop a neighbor's apartment building—three stories up! Now, Elanor not only had to get a safety gate up, but hiring a pet sitter, a climbing ladder, and new window screens. Sure, Elanor was able to get Luna without incident. But the price tag was quite costly and could have been avoidable.

This is why we always preach safety products in the Pet Piaza. Whether it's a leash for your pup, some extra locks on that snake enclosure, or a climbing harness for birds, don't be afraid to add that extra layer of protection. Sure, not all accidents can be avoided, but prevention often saves time, money, and stress in the long run.

At our store, you'll find a wide selection of pet safety products from leashes to window guards. Even more, we have passionate pet professionals on the floor ready to help you make the best decisions for your animal crew. So don't wait until disaster strikes, ask us about safety solutions today. Ensuring your pet's safety is the right thing to do.

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